ROCKLAND Flagship Store

拭界|Erase Boundaries




MUSE Design Awards 2022 SILVER WINNER



Located in the center of the metropolitan area where the commercial complex combines the park area, the shop is a symbol of going outdoors in daily living, a corner of nature in city life. Blurring the boundary of metropolis and nature, the brand’s visual identity, rope, symbolizes the connection between people and nature. The design of the shop wishes to establish a sense of tranquility and ease just like camping outdoors while one enters the shop from the streets’ hustle and bustle.

The overall design echoes the brand’s concept and logo, bringing challenging outdoor activities into customers’ daily lives. The visual identity depicting mountain ridges and hiking pathways is reinterpreted by the use of wooden veins, creating an intimate feeling toward nature and outdoor activities’ philosophy. Applying the art craft technique of metal casting, the designer creates 25-meters-long ceiling lights in the shape of twined rope near the counter to echo the brand’s logo. While the counter’s mountain rock image is made of geometrical shapes, the staircases combine a landscape of rocks, gravels, trunks, and such natural elements. This design not only symbolizes mountain climbing, but it also gives customers a chance to walk on it trying out the products in a similar environment. Holding on the ropes, stepping on the rocks, the design establishes a professional attitude of the brand while creating a natural atmosphere in the shop. 

Striking a great balance between professional knowledge and sentimental feeling, it is a bridge to connect indoor to outdoor, the brand to the customers, and the commercial area to nature. With great use of organic textures and outdoor symbols that turn the shopping experience around, consumers can feel at ease while choosing the products.  

In addition, the whole project is selective in low carbon footprint products and recyclable materials. The ceiling is designed minimalistic reducing the use of extra building materials while maintaining the original piping system. The image of nature and organic textures not only create an imagination of the outdoor environment, it also reminds customers of the responsibility to protect our surroundings in spite of living in a metropolis.